Automatic Gate GSM Control Unit

Automatic Gate GSM Control Unit

  • ₱6,500.00


1. It can store 64 user telephone numbers; these numbers are entered into the controller, do not need to be connected, automatically hang up, and the relay is closed once;

2. When the stored mobile phone number dials the controller, the output relay of the controller is closed and then automatically disconnected;

3. You can use the command to set all the incoming calls to control the controller, but you can also use the SMS command to set only the numbers already stored in the controller to control;

4. After the call, the controller automatically recognizes whether it is the number already stored in it, if it is, the relay is closed, if not, it will not open unless it is set to a function that all phones can control;

5. 2-way wired alarm input, send SMS to the mobile phone number in the first and second storage locations when the alarm occurs, the SMS content can be edited; the default content is: Door Open Alarm! When dialing in the phone, it is disarmed and disarmed. The default setting is 10 minutes and then automatically enters the armed state.

6. 1 relay output. After setting the incoming call, whether to reply to the mobile phone number in the first and second positions should be set by SMS command, the content is: The relay is ON.

Technical parameters

GSM frequency


Working voltage


Power consumption

up to 500mA normal 50M



type 2 way dry contact


21 relay, 240VAC@3A (relay is built in)



Backup built-in battery

Applicable temperature


Applicable humidity

RH20~95(no condensation)