Automatic Gate Wireless Keypad

Automatic Gate Wireless Keypad

  • ₱5,000.00

Product description

This is a dual channel transmitters that are activated only after having

entered a Suitable combination.

The units are designed for installation in indoor or outdoor locations.

that ensures the utmost security because the transmitted code is changed at each

transmission session.

The estimated transmission range is 200 m in open space and 35 m indoors 

The units are designed to ensure battery life equivalent to an estimated 2 years of

oper-ation considering 10 transmissions/day

Audible signal                           status

1 short beep

Keypad tone

1 long beep

Modification of combination confirmed (or send the signal after enter the correct password )

5 short beeps

Error during combination input or combination edit operation

2 low beeps

Battery low warning signal New batteries required




Before physically installing it the key pad monitor position if it is good condition to perform a practical test to assess their functionality and effective range. Consider that range may be up to 25 or 30% less when battery power is low .


2.1) positioning

Apart from the distance from the receiver, the units should not be positioned in the vicinity of or worse still in contact with metal structures, which could otherwise exert a signal shielding effect. Thanks to the enclosure protection rating of IP 54, the digital selectors can be installed outdoors if required.


Method of use

The use of the keypad is based on "combinations", i.e. numbers of from 1 to 9 digits that

the user is required to key in by means of the keys.Once the combination has been

Entered the user then presses confirm key3or4to transmit the activation command

to, respectively.

-receiver channel 1 if the user presses 3

-receiver channel 2 if the user presses 4.

The command will be transmitted only when a valid combination has been entered - if an

incorrect combination has been entered the selector will emit an error, warning signal

when the confirm key is pressed . The combination entered must be exact,if, for example ,the correct combination is 0422, the following attempts will be interpreted as errors:

422, 10422, 04222. Therefore, if the user inadvertently presses the wrong key when

entering a combination, combination key3or4should be pressed immediately to generate the error tone , after which the correct combination can be entered starting from the 

beginning again.

While entering the combination no more than 6 seconds can be allowed to elapse

between keystrokes,after which interval the combination must be re-entered starting from

the beginning.

The units are factory programmed with a standard combination to activate channel one

and a standard combination for channel two.

The factory set combinations are as follows:


1a combination to transmit the code associated with the 3 key.

When the unit is used for the first time this combination is 11            


2a combination to transmit the code associated with the 4 key.

When the unit is used for the first time this combination is 22.