Infrared Photocell

Infrared Photocell

  • ₱2,500.00

Technical Parameters:


Receiver parameter range:     ≤15m

Infrared emission frequency: 1.92khz

Input power:                           12~24VDC/AC

Wavelength:                            940m

Input current:                          RX15mA-


Angle of incidence:                <±10o

Operating environment:        -20 ° C ~ 70 ° C

Maximum load:                      1Amax 30V

Dimensions:                            100*36*66mm

Package weight parameter:    0.12KG/set 12.2*8*3.2

Function introduction: 

Adding infrared detection sensor, if someone or vehicle passes through it during the operation of the gate, the infrared detection sensor will instruct the door opener to stop automatically, thus achieving the purpose of protecting pedestrians, vehicles and gates themselves.