IRONGATE - Heavy Duty Automatic Gate Opener

  • ₱46,995.00

IRONGATE - Heavy Duty Automatic Gate Opener operator is designed for swing gates and wickets with medium to high intensity of use, weighting up to 400 kg and having a gate leaf of up to 4 m long. Made in Russia.

  • Install the gate operator only on a properly balanced and lubricated gate.
  • Make sure the gate operator specifications correspond to local climatic conditions.
  • Never install this operator in hazardous locations.
  • Make sure no objects will get jammed between movable and stationary parts of the operator.
  • Never leave the gate operator disengaged.
  • Never use the gate operator if any repair or adjustment needs to be done.
  • Activate gate only when there are no obstructions to gate travel.
  • Walk or drive through the opening only when the door is fully opened and stopped. The operator must be on stop.
  • Never permit children to operate or play with gate control push buttons or remote control transmitters.
  • Do not make any changes to automatics of the operator.