IRONGATE Industrial Automatic Gate Opener

  • ₱45,995.00

The IRONGATE Industrial Automatic Gate Opener (motor) has got the strongest reducer and motor inside the arm to suit the big gate from max 5 meters. To be unique, the motor has got the electric brake on the motor end, which can prevent the heavy gate from moving at the big inertia and brake the heavy gate at the limit switch stroke firmly. Also the inner micro-switch above the screw is easy to set the limit switch, besides the self-learning travel and time on the control panel, the gates are double guaranteed for the accuracy on the beginning and stop point. Also the control panel is very human and objects friendly, it reverses on obstruction during closing and stop during opening, most proudly, the slowdown during opening and closing protect the gates, motor and pedestrian. The 100 meters long remote range, let you no waiting entry and love your garage gates.

IRONGATE Industrial Automatic Gate Opener is designed for swing gates of different sizes: 2-5 m in length per leaf. Thanks to the strong motorized driving screw, it is stable when operating. Soft start and stop function are available, to ensure safety and reliability.



1. Ideal for swing gates of different sizes: 2 to 5 m in length per leaf. 

2. Quick, easy installation even where space is limited by the presence of walls or fences.

3. Superior security performance: It adopts rolling code remote control, no re-code, anti-theft code, good security performance, safe and reliable, and one remote control can control one or two doors separately.

4. Strong motorised driving screw, guarantee steady operation

5. Micro limit switch, and e-learning limit guarantee the accuracy                       

6. In case of power failure, the gate can be opened and closed manually by release clutch

7. The battery can remain on working for 6 hours (DC motor)

8. Soft start and stop with slowdown function, lower noise, longer life, ensuring safety and reliability

9. Delay automatic closing function: When the user forgets to close the door, the door can be automatically viewed and closed

10. Single-arm adjustable mode: It can realize the function of opening and closing a single door, and it can also realize the function of opening and closing two doors at the same time


Technical parameter:




Gate width/leaf (m)


Gate weight/leaf (kg)


Power supply(V)

120/230 AC






Stroke length (mm)



Max cycles/hour



Limit switch




Protection (IP)                    


Environment temperature()