IRONGATE Industrial Automatic Gate Opener

  • ₱45,995.00

The IRONGATE Industrial Automatic Gate Opener boasts a powerful motor embedded within the arm, tailored specifically for large gates up to a maximum length of 5 meters. What sets it apart is its innovative electric brake system located at the motor end, effectively counteracting the inertia of heavy gates and ensuring precise braking at the limit switch stroke.

Additionally, the presence of an inner micro-switch situated above the screw facilitates easy adjustment of the limit switch, complementing the self-learning travel and time features available on the control panel. This dual assurance guarantees exceptional accuracy in gate positioning at both the beginning and end points of operation.

The control panel is intuitively designed to prioritize user and object safety. It automatically reverses upon detecting obstructions during the closing cycle and halts when opening, while the integrated slowdown feature ensures gentle operation, safeguarding the integrity of the gates, motor, and pedestrians.

With a remarkable remote range of 100 meters, entry is swift and hassle-free, enhancing the overall user experience with garage gates.

Key Technical Features:

  1. Specifically designed for swing gates ranging from 2 to 5 meters in length per leaf.
  2. Streamlined installation process suitable for constrained spaces, such as those limited by walls or fences.
  3. Enhanced security performance through the implementation of rolling code remote control technology, ensuring anti-theft protection and individual control for up to two doors.
  4. Robust motorized driving screw guarantees stable operation under varying conditions.
  5. Utilizes micro limit switch and e-learning limit technology to ensure precise gate positioning.
  6. Equipped with a manual release clutch for manual operation in the event of power failure.
  7. Features a DC motor with a backup battery capable of sustaining operation for up to 6 hours.
  8. Incorporates a soft start and stop mechanism with slowdown function, reducing noise levels and extending operational lifespan.
  9. Includes a delay automatic closing function for added convenience and security.
  10. Offers a single-arm adjustable mode, facilitating the operation of both single and dual doors simultaneously.

Technical parameter:




Gate width/leaf (m)


Gate weight/leaf (kg)


Power supply(V)

120/230 AC






Stroke length (mm)



Max cycles/hour



Limit switch




Protection (IP)                    


Environment temperature()